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At Ingmans we offer a first class and fully traditionalshoe repair service. Our repairers are trained to the very highest standards and our talisman in this department has 43 years experience and was shown the gentle art of repairing by a retired London Shoemaker.

Our knowledge is vast and we're delighted to say that this has now been acknowledged by one of the finest English Shoemakers, Barker Shoes of Earls Barton Northampton. Barker see us as great representatives for there brand and trust us to repair their shoes. We're very proud of this and we stock their original components to repair your shoes. We also offer this shoe repair service to all English handcrafted shoes, so you can be sure of getting the very highest standards of repair and quality materials exclusively at Ingmans.

3 simple steps to perfectly repaired and restored Shoes - the Ingmans way

Postal Shoe Repairs - Stage 1

Complete the simple online Postal Shoe Repairs form.

Postal Shoe Repairs - Stage 2

We'll send you a returns label and bag through the post. You can add some bubble wrap or similar to further protect your shoes, then drop them off at your nearest DPD depo

Postal Shoe Repairs - Stage 3

Once we receive your shoes, the Ingmans magic happens... Sit back, relax, and enjoy your 'new' shoes, delivered to your door in a snazzy box!

Shoe repair enquiry

"Our passion is your gain"
Andrew Ingman - Owner, Ingmans

Estimated times

We aim to get your shoes back to you within 1-2 weeks. If there were to be any delays we would be in contact with you.

Products we use for our shoe repair service

We use Saphir creams, waxes and cleaning products as they are the number one brand in luxury shoe care. For our leather soles we use JR Rendenbach as they are the best in the world. For the rubber soles we use a range from Danite studded units, Itside commando unit, victory sole and heel units, wide range of Vibram sole and in some cases you can even choose the colour of the soles.   Included in the restoration we replace the laces, new back socks and clean the uppers. In some cases we have the original products for this.

We have the honour of being an approved Barker repairer for the second year running which is a big accolade within the industry.

Shoe Repairs


Shoe repairing is a huge aspect of the Ingmans operation and the team here have many years of shoe repairing experience. We know from experience that many people love their shoes and there'e no reason why a good quality pair of shoes shouldn't last you a lifetime. We can take your old shoes or boots and restore them to their former glory - just like new. In many cases, we've repaired shoes to 'beyond' their original quality.

Due to the excellent quality shoe repairs and indeed our friendly and down to earth service, many of our customers originally came to us from word of mouth. A long time ago, we were asked by many customers from far and wide if we could look into a postal shoe repair service, as they were unable to find any other cobblers that could repair their shoes to the same high standard that Ingmans do, but lived far too far away to 'pop in'. We took this on board and have now been providing a very convenient online shoe repairs service with a no-hassle postal return service.

Shoe Repairs Near Me

That's right, "shoe repairs near me" is exactly what the Internet now allows us to do for you, it's like you're just down the road. All you need to do is complete a quick form and we'll do the rest. It could not be easier.

Shoe repair enquiry

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