Meet the Ingmans Team

Andrew Ingman - Owner of Ingmans

Andrew Ingman

Founder / Owner of Ingmans

Andy has been a shoe repairer all his working life, man and boy. Starting at the tender age of 14 and now into his 50th year (if he tells you otherwise - its a load of cobblers)

A Passionate craftsman and businessman, constantly pushing the boundaries of our business forward with his Innovative flair, blend of traditional and contemporary styling all delivered with a charm that is unique to the Ingmans Brand.

Favourite phrase:

"If it's not right, it's wrong!"

Abbey Proctor

Assistant Manager, Burlington Street Store

Abbey started working for the company when the new shop opened in April 2018. Her favourite thing about the job is helping customers feel special and is very passionate about customer service.

Favourite phrase:

"How exciting!"

Abbey Proctor - Assistant Manager
Darren Twigg - Shoe Repairer

Darren Twigg

Senior Shoe Craftsman

Darren is an experienced and talented shoe repairer, often dealing with some of our complex repairs. He has been with the company for many years, completing his apprenticeship and training under the guidance of Andy.

Favourite phrase:

"Not all Superheroes wear capes!"

Chelsey Goodall

Repairs and Refurbishment

Chelsey takes care of our ladies repairs and shoe dyeing. She's been with the company for many years honing her skills with guidance from our senior repairers and training from Andy. 

Chelsey has accumulated a vast knowledge on shoes whilst she has been with Ingmans.

Chelsey Goodall - Repairs and Dyeing
Johnathan Bucker - Shoe Repairer

Johnathan Booker

Shoe Craftsman

Andy has known Jonathan for over 30 years, with almost a decade of that working directly with each other. Jonathan works part time and helps during busy times. Handmade shoe repairs and orthopaedic repairs are Jonathan's area of specialism.

Favourite phrase:

"I just want to make sure it's right!"

Villa Webster

Bookkeeper & PA

Villa is our financial administrator and keeps us afloat and in-line. She keeps an eye on daily cash flow and regularly updates the team on how we are doing with our sales figures.

Villa provides the fuel and oil to the Ingmans machine, holding us together and keeping us running.

Favourite phrase:

"Did you really just ask me that question?"

Villa Webster - Bookkeeper