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Berwick 1707


Shoes constructed through a process invented in 1871 by Charles Goodyear Jr., which consists of more than two hundred separate operations, through which and after two days of work the cutting is stitched to the welt and this is in turn stitched to the insole as well as sewn separately to the outsole, insulating the foot from the cold, heat and water.

A cork-filled midsole is applied between the two pieces of leather that, through use, will end up forming a template tailored to our foot. In addition to making them long lasting, the quality of this construction will allow the shoe to be repaired when it shows signs of wear.

The features of Berwick 1707 shoes come from the best suppliers in the industry: tanneries such as Du Puy and D'Annonay for the leather cuttings, Dainite rubber soles and the agglomerated cork for the midsole and linings entirely in cowhide are imported from England. They are available in continental numbering with half sizes for maximum fit adjustment.


Added to the manufacturing specifications of the Berwick 1707 Goodyear Welted range is the use of the best leather sole in the world, from the German tannery of Jon Rendenbach Jr. tanned for a year in oak leaves, which makes them extremely long lasting and exceptionally comfortable.

For the leather cuts, the colouring and patina effect are done by hand after starting out with white crust leathers, so each pair produced is unique.

The most exclusive range is made up of models prepared in Genuine Shell Cordovan, two small oval pieces from the back of a horse, the surface of which only provides enough for a single pair of shoes. This leather is subjected to a slow vegetable tanning process and is hand cut in the factory, and gives the shoe durability and shine with little maintenance; they are simply unique.

The Premium Grade range has whole cut models, cut from a single piece of leather, carefully chosen from the best part of the animal (the backbone).

The Premium Grade shoes are therefore among the best on the market due to their features, and are available in continental numbering with half sizes.

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