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At Ingmans we offer a first class and fully traditional shoe repair service, 'with a hint of modern', by means of online postal shoe repairs. Our repairers are trained to the very highest standard. Our talisman in this department, Andy Ingman, has 43 years experience and was shown the gentle art of repairing by a retired London Shoemaker.

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Ingmans retails shoes and boots of the highest quality and good pair of shoes or boots is a solid investment. Not only better for your feet and overall well‐being, but they can literally last you a lifetime as they can be repaired time and time again.

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Buy luxury, stylish high quality Gentlemen's and Ladies Clothing in-store and online. We know it's really important to make sure your clothes are not only comfortable, but also that they fit you well and you look absolutely fabulous. We have a professional fitting service, and a great eye for a stunning outfit.

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Find out more about Ingmans and the man behind it all - Andy Ingman.

About Ingmans

Back in 1983, Andy Ingman's best friend had a Saturday job working for his dad, John, who was a shoe repairer. Andy, who was fourteen years old at the time, asked his friend's dad if he could also help out on Saturdays. Andy's dad said that would be fine, but he'd have to work for free!

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At Ingmans we retail handcrafted English Leather Shoes & Boots and quality Gentlemen's Clothing and Accessories.

We are very well known for our traditional, first class Shoe Repair Service. Our shoe repairs are carried out to such high standards that Barker Shoes of Earls Barton Northampton, have made us the first official repairers of their fine shoes, of this we are extremely proud!

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If you like to dress well, we'd love to see you at our high street shoe and clothing shop in Chesterfield. Here you'll find a great range of high quality shoes, boots and a sumptuous range of Gentlemen's and Ladies' clothing. We've worked incredibly hard to create our stunning showrooms, on two floors, where you can take all the time you need to browse the shoes and clothing we have available, all from the UK's leading high quality and historic brands.

Have a look at the photos on our about us page - quality shoes, quality clothing and quality service. That's Ingmans. We're a small and very passionate team and we really, really care about our customers. Check out our Google reviews - we're so proud of our 5 star rating, and it's a great reward to see that our customers are taking the time to write such lengthy reviews - thank you!

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