Louis Vuitton Handbag Restoration

Louis Vuitton Handbag Restoration


Hi.... I thought it was about time to send out a blog in what has been a testing time for a lot of small businesses in these let’s say testing times.

These times have made me realise that our skill sets are niche & are possibly wanted around the world (well, we certainly seem to be repairing and restoring shoes, boots and bags from around the world!) So on that basis we are going to put different projects we do out there for you to look at and see if we can help anybody out there to repair & restore there beloved items.... shoes, bags, boots, wallets, leather goods in general....

So, today we are showing off our skill in Louis Vuitton bag restoration.... these photos show the work I've done on 3 Louis Vuitton bags (sometimes called bucket bags). Bindings, laces & toggle & more impressively new bases to a beloved vintage Louis Vuitton example.

Photos of the work carried out here is as follows:

Replacement top binding of a Louis Vuitton bag

Replacement Lace & Toggle on a Louis Vuitton bag

Louis Vuitton bag base components - dyed to match the ageing of the bag

Construction of the Base components

Base components - stitching detail

Louis Vuitton bag zip replacement

I hope this lights your fire out there in this crazy world we are in right now... If you need any help with any repairs to your beloved handbags, leather goods or shoes & boots, drop us a line and we can help you!

Kindest regards,


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