Postal shoe repair service of Jeffery-West shoes

Postal shoe repair service of Jeffery-West shoes


Welted Sole and Heel replacement, Channel Groove, and Fiddle Waist (Postal shoe repair service)

Wow, doesn't word travel fast! We only launched our online shoe repair service late last year (2019) and since then, we've done so many shoe repairs online and sent them back to our customers via our postal shoe repair service, in a lovely snazzy Ingmans box no less - all safely wrapped up to protect the repaired shoes during their journey back to our customers.

One of my personal favourites so far was a lovely pair of Jeffery-West shoes, which had clearly been loved and worn an awful lot! Whilst the upper leather part of the shoes was in fairly good order, the welted sole and heel were in a poor state, but it's great to see they've had so much use :)

As with all postal shoe repairs we do, I called the customer (who I didn't know as he'd sent his shoes to us via our postal shoe repair service!) to discuss his options, and I was delighted to hear that he wanted his Jeffery-West shoe repair to be the 'best we could do'. Well, this was like throwing down the gauntlet to me and my team... We're so passionate about our work and to have the opportunity to do what we do best, which is repair and restore shoes to 'better' than they were when they were new, was really quite exciting for us all. Mission accepted!

Before we started, I discussed this shoe repair with my team to hear their ideas and we all concluded that this pair of shoes deserved a 'Fiddle Waist' (sometimes called a 'Fiddleback', 'Bevelled Waist' or 'London Waist'). A Fiddle Waist is a lite more involved, but the end result is simply stunning. As part of this shoe repair, we also added a replacement Welted Sole, using the best soles money can buy - JR (JR Rendenbach), a replacement heel and channel groove.

Our customer is VERY happy with his shoes, particularly since he sent them to us via our postal shoe repair service - he said in his feedback to us, it was a 'leap of faith' as he loved his shoes so much and he was "flabbergasted at how good they look" and they are "better than new!" Mission accomplished!

We're absolutely delighted to receive such glowing feedback, so I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for choosing Ingmans! If you'd like to see us in action, check out our shoe repair video.

My aim is to write occasional blog posts to give you an insight into the shoe repairs we do - oh, and also to mention that in addition to our online shoe repair service, we also have a lovely shop in the heart of Chesterfield, near the Peak District, where we have a huge range of quality shoes and clothing available for you to try on for size. You can find out more about us and see our gentlemen's clothing and shoes for sale.

Until next time, I wish you all well and thank you again for your custom. And remember - if it's not right, it's wrong!

Andrew Ingman.

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